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You never really knew your father well, always staying at home while he is off on adventures with his soldier friends, fighting who knows what. Then you get a visit from one of the soldiers he was with, your father passed away. Following the death of your father, you head out to your village capital, but things turn for the worse when you get asked to check on an outpost in the desert close to your village. There you see the remains of your fathers old unit from when he was a soldier. now you must race back to your village and warn them, but is it too late?

This game is the first one I have made, and I will be making more following this story line. The game is short but the goal is to introduce you to the basics of the story line and hopefully get you interested in seeing the future games. I hope you enjoy.

Install instructions

These games will originally be made from RPG Maker 2003.

To play the games go to:


Download your systems version-Its free and safe

Drag and drop or extract the player onto the desktop

Open the player, and all the games you downloaded made from RPG Maker 2003 will be ready to play.

(I tried it myself and it works. I hope you enjoy the game series)


Incarnate.zip 14 MB

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